Integrity Tax Preparation Services, Wilmore, KY

Choose Integrity for your family's tax preparation this year and enjoy peace of mind. Integrity Tax provides responsible tax preparation services at a reasonable price for Wilmore and surrounding communities, whether you've lived here all your life or just started seminary in August.

You expect more than competence. You want timely tax knowledge that reflects your own high ethical standards. Our family shares those values. We believe the way we conduct ourselves in the grey areas of life reveals what we truly value and whom we truly serve.

We'll work tirelessly to help you navigate your tax situation, from EIC to NOLs and everything between, tracking down every credit and deduction for which you qualify, both Federal and State. And we'll do it without compromising the ethics we live by.

Choose peace of mind this tax season.
Choose Integrity. It's more than a name.

Integrity Tax Service, LLC
308 East Main St.
Wilmore, KY 40390
(859) 553-0733

Opening January 12th
Monday - Friday, 10am - 7pm
Saturday, 10am - 4pm